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How it Started

The inception of the Pace App idea was borne from the founder’s (Ed Kelly) attempt to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Ed knew that his chances of qualifying were limited and he needed to know where he stood relative to his finish time throughout the race so that he did not fall off the pace. If he fell too far from the required pace he knew he could not make up the difference. Staying on pace was key.

To help him stay on pace, Ed developed a basic pace chart of varying pace scenarios for each mile of the marathon and, at the completion of each mile, he would compare his actual total elapsed time to the Boston qualifying time for the same mile.  It wasn’t an exact system but it enabled Ed to quality for the 1998 Boston Marathon (with 20 seconds to spare!).

The idea was hatched: why not put this pace chart information into a watch (this was before apps were prevalent)?  Ed first obtained a US patent (#7,571,049) for the Pace App and years later launched the Pace App on the Apple App Store.  This was soon followed by having the Pace App on the Google Play Store for Android devices and also the Garmin Connect IQ App Store for Garmin devices.

Ed has since received numerous testimonials on how the Pace App allowed runners and cyclists to achieve new personal records (PRs) and qualify for the Boston Marathon, the Ironman World Championships and other events for the first time. 

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The Pace App provides two key functions (in addition to many other features):
  • It allows the user to know, throughout the event, exactly where they stand relative to their goal finish time and,

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