The Pace App

Know your finish time DURING the race

with the Pace App’s patented technology. Highly accurate, GPS-based, real-time pace data.

Optimized for iWatches, Android Watches and Garmin Watches

  • Know your projected finish time throughout the event.
  • Know your “Required Pace” for remaining intervals (mile or KMs), throughout the event, to achieve your goal finish time!

Dial in and hold your personal record pace = Personal Records (PRs)!

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Garmin Watch


Android Watch

Now available on the Apple App Store,  Google Play Store, and the Garmin Connect IQ Store.

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Your Patented Edge to Personal Records

Know your projected finish time DURING the Race! Accurate, GPS- based, real-time pace data.

The Pace App is the only running app that offers real-time GPS-based information about your Projected Finish Time throughout the event and also the “Required Pace” needed for remaining intervals (miles or KMs) to hit your goal finish time. Personal Records (PRs)!

Adjust your pace to optimize energy management to stay on goal pace and achieve your goals.

Receive ongoing, real-time feedback – throughout the event – on how your Projected Finish Time matches up to your Goal Finish Time and enable you to dial in and hold your goal time pace resulting in PRs!

Receive ongoing, real-time feedback on how your Projected Finish Time matches up to your Goal Finish Timeand allow you to dial in and hold your goal time pace resulting in PRs! The patented Pace App recalculates your Projected Finish Time at the end of every interval (mile or KM) and also provides your “Required Pace” for remaining intervals to hit your Goal Finish Time and achieve PRs. Optimized energy management Use the Pace App to control your speed and stay on track and hit your Goal Finish Time.

Ahead of goal finish time? The Pace App will show you your exact (slower) Required Pace and allow you to conserve energy and still hit your Goal Finish Time. Falling behind your Goal Finish Time? The Pace App will give you a precise, faster Required Pace for remaining miles or KMs to hit your Goal Finish Time. With the Pace App, you know exactly where you stand relative to your Goal Finish Time throughout the race!  It’s like your own professional pacer alongside you for the entire event.



Apple Watch

Garmin Watches

Connect to your Apple or Android Watch to Bluetooth Earbuds to Hear all Pace App Data During the Event – Keep Your Eyes on the Road!

  • Use wireless Bluetooth earbuds to hear all Pace App ETA data at the end of each interval (mile or KM) while you run, cycle or other event. Pace App data are available in American or British English, Spanish and French languages. No need to look at your watch – keep your eyes on the road!
  • Leave the iPhone at home! The Pace App is compatible with all Apple Watches. If you have an Apple Watch 3 or later version, no need to bring your iPhone with you!
  • The Pace App can also have your watch vibrate and provide a verbal chirp at the end of each interval to notify you of an interval completion.

Unique tool to know your projected finish during the event

I’ve used the Pace App several times and I love it. My running partners and I have achieved PRs by using it. A buddy qualified for Boston for the first time (after several attempts) using this cool app.

Runner Troy

I love this app!

I introduced it to my running group and they absolutely love it. It has helped me achieve new PRs! The GPS is incredibly accurate and reliable. It is great to know your finish time during the race at each mile.